Message to the Livingston Citizens

Dear Fellow Citizens:
Once again it is my privilege to report to you on the operation of our city during the past year. As you will see, the City moved forward in 2015 with various major capital improvement projects to meet the continuing growth in our community:

  • The expansion of the city's water treatment plant on FM 350 South to increase production from 3 MGD to 5 MGD to meet increased water supply needs in the community.
  • The construction of an electric express feeder to connect the Livingston substation on the east side of the city with the Ogletree substation on the west side of the city for redundancy in electric operations within the city limits.
  • A major renovation project wherein more than 6 miles of existing city streets were rehabilitated and improved.
  • The expansion and upgrade of a major sanitary sewer lift station which serves the U.S. 190 West and U.S. 59 bypass area to meet the needs in this area.
As we begin 2016, we will begin the process of developing a new 5-year strategic plan for our community, with input from the citizens, supervisory personnel and the City Council.

One of the highlights of 2015 was the 100th anniversary celebration of the Livingston Volunteer Fire Department. There is no way we can adequately thank the many special individuals who have volunteered to protect and serve our community throughout the past 100 years, but we all know how very special these firefighters are and just how much they have meant to our community.

In my position as Mayor, I am able to meet with community organizations and individuals on a regular basis who demonstrate their willingness to serve our community in a variety of ways. We are fortunate to have so many "volunteers" to work with us to ensure that Livingston remains "a great place to call home" for future generations. I continue to be grateful to our city employees, our management staff and to the members of our City Council for their selfless commitment and involvement. It is my honor to serve as Mayor of this community.


Clarke Evans, Mayor

Mayor Clarke Evans

Mayor Clarke Evans