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You can reach the Water and Wastewater Department by calling the
Public Works Office at (936) 327-8998
or by going by 1901 North Washington
in Livingston

Compliance Coordinator

Bill Haecker


Water Crew, (L to R): Josh Fogleman; Scott Johnson;
Jason Cecil; Royce Newport, Foreman; Bobby Wallace

Wastewater Crew, (L to R): Dario Ruiz,
Tim Smith, Roger Adams


Major improvements in the City's water distribution system during 2011 included:

  • Construction of 19,000 feet of new 20-inch water transmission line on FM 350 South to increase the supply of water to the City from Lake Livingston;
  • Maintenance and replacement of fire hydrants throughout the City; and
  • Revision of the City's Drought Contingency Plan to address ways to reduce water shortage during periods of short supply.
Major accomplishments in the wastewater system during 2011 included:
  • Contracting with Waste Tech and McKinney & McMillen for grit removal and mechanical, self-cleaning screen equipment and its installation at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and contracting with NTS for installation of generators for the City's lift stations, electric warehouse and public works facility; and
  • Completing the City's obligations in the annual Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study, recommending actions to correct inflow of storm water into the sanitary sewer system.

Drought Contingency Plan

2012 Drinking Water Quality Report For the Livingston Water System


Additional Information:
To report Water Main Leaks/Sewer Main Stoppages:
8:00am.-5:00pm. (24 Hour Line) 327-4311
After 5:00pm. 327-3117


The City has responsibility for operation of the water and wastewater systems in the City, including treatment and distribution of water and collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of sewage. Service is presently provided to 3,225 water customers and 2,935 sewer customers located within the City limits.

Water Supply: The water supply source for the City is surface water obtained from Lake Livingston. On February 22, 1978, the City entered into a contract with the Trinity River Authority of Texas to purchase from the Authority amounts of raw water impounded in the Livingston Reservoir. The City is obligated to pay an annual standby charge on or before the 10th day of each February and August, beginning in August, 1978. Annual standby charges are calculated by multiplying the equivalent of the current annual average daily amount the Authority is obligated to sell to the City by the Authority's rates for sale of raw water to municipalities. Annual average daily amount of raw water that the Authority is obligated to sell to the City is set forth in the following schedule:

Contract Years Annual Average Daily Amount
     1978 - 1984 1.0  MGD 
     1985 - 1989 2.0  MGD 
     1990 - 1994 3.0  MGD 
     1995 - 1999 4.0  MGD 
     2000 - 2020 5.0  MGD 

On February 22, 1978, the City entered into a water system service contract with the Authority whereby the Authority agreed to pay through the issuance of bonds all the actual costs of acquiring, by purchase or construction, a water supply and treatment system to render water supply and treatment services to the residents of the City. Although the Authority is to retain title, the City shall have the exclusive use of the entire project throughout its natural life. On March 10, 1979, the Authority issued $3,485,000 in bonds to pay for the acquisition of the System. In December, 1991 the Authority issued $1,600,000 in bonds to expand the capabilities of the systems to meet the increased requirements of the City due to the location of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Terrell Unit in the area.

Water Distribution: There are several miles of water distribution system, including water mains ranging in size from 2" in diameter to 12" in diameter. Water is stored in three overhead storage tanks. Fire protection is a secondary function of the water distribution system. Maintenance of fire hydrants, along with other appurtenances, is carried out by the Water Department.

Installation of water connections (taps) and service connections from the main to a point outside the curb area or point of the meter set is performed only by municipal employees or a contractor approved by the city. A charge is made by the City for each new tapping of the water mains for a connection. The fee for making taps and furnishing and installing meters and boxes id determined from the following schedule:

Water Tapping Fees:
     1" connection (including meter)     With no road cut:  $600.00
                                         With road cut:     $800.00
     1-1/2" connection                          Actual Cost to City
     2" connection                              Actual Cost to City
     4" connection                              Actual Cost to City
     6" connection                              Actual Cost to City
     8" connection and larger                   Actual Cost to City
     Fire Lines                                 Actual Cost to City
Water Rates:

     Up to 2,000 gallons             - $25.00 
     Over 2,000 gallons              - $3.50 per thousand gallons 
     Up to 2,000 gallons             - $35.00 
     From 2,001 - 50,000 gallons     - $3.50 per thousand gallons 
     From 50,001 - 150,000 gallons   - $4.00 per thousand gallons 
     Over 150,000 gallons            - $4.50 per thousand gallons 
     Up to 2,000 gallons             - $100.00 
     Over 2,000 gallons              - $3.50 per thousand gallons 

An additional monthly charge of $10.00 will be added to
customers outside the corporate limits of
the City of Livingston, Texas.

Historical Average Daily Water Consumption and System Information:
     Calendar    Average Daily               Maximum Daily
       Year    Water Consumption           Water Consumption
       2002      1,588,000 gls.      2,288,000 gls.     05/22/02 
       2003      1,688,000 gls.      2,500,000 gls.     08/08/03 
       2004      1,682,000 gls.      2,354,000 gls.     08/16/04 
       2005      1,765,000 gls.      2,499,000 gls.     06/30/05 
       2006      1,780,000 gls.      2,681,000 gls.     06/15/06 
       2007      1,759,000 gls.      2,674,000 gls.     09/26/07 
       2008      1,923,000 gls.      2,730,000 gls.     07/09/08 
       2009      1,936,000 gls.      2,877,000 gls.     06/24/09  
       2010      1,932,000 gls.      2,589,000 gls.     05/28/10
       2011      2,123,000 gls.      3,210,000 gls.     08/12/11

List of Ten Largest Water Customers Based on 2011 Annual Usage:

      Name of Customer                               Annual Usage in Gallons
     1)  Texas Department of Criminal Justice            224,393,000
     2)  IAH Detention Center                             28,710,000
     3)  Memorial Medical Center                          14,446,000
     4)  Livingston ISD                                   12,761,000
     5)  Camp Cho-Yeh                                      9,021,000
     6)  Pine Hill Apartments                              7,783,000
     7)  County of Polk                                    6,542,000
     8)  The Bradford at Brookside                         3,638,000
     9)  WalMart                                           3,434,000
     10) Pine Ridge Health Care                            2,356,000
Wastewater Treatment:
The City's wastewater department includes a sewage treatment plant, nine (9) sewage lift stations and collection system. The existing wastewater treatment plant was expanded in 1992 with financing through the issuance of Combined Tax and Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 1991. The plant is a 2,250,000 GPD activated sludge extended aeration plant consisting of a bar screen, grit canals, lift station, splitter box, sequencing batch reactor basin, ultraviolet disinfection channels, sludge holding tanks and sludge drying beds.
Capacity of Wastewater Treatment Plant:
Designated Capacity - Average Daily Flow - 2,250,000 GPD
Designated Capacity - 2 Hour Peak Flow - 6.75 MGD.

     2002 Peak Flow - 3,280,000 gallons/day on November 4, 2002
     2003 Peak Flow - 2,762,000 gallons/day on February 21, 2003
     2004 Peak Flow - 6,244,000 gallons/day on May 1, 2004
     2005 Peak Flow - 5,534,000 gallons/day
     2006 Peak Flow - 3,500,000 gallons/day on October 16, 2006
     2007 Peak Flow - 2,640,000 gallons/day on January 14, 2007
     2008 Peak Flow - 2,472,000 gallons/day on February 16, 2008
     2009 Peak Flow - 2,854,000 gallons/day on October 29, 2009
     2010 Peak Flow - 2,542,000 gallons/day on February 11, 2010
     2011 Peak Flow - 2,104,000 gallons/day on January 24, 2011
Sewer Fees:

RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS: $20.00 per month plus $1.25 per thousand gallons of water usage in excess of 2,000 gallons up to a monthly maximum sewer charge of $36.25 (15,000 gallon cap)

COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS: $30.00 per month plus $3.25 per thousand gallons of water usage in excess of 2,000 gallons

INDUSTRIAL/INSTITUTIONAL CUSTOMERS: $100.00 per month plus $3.50 per thousand gallons of water usage in excess of 2,000 gallons

Sewer Connections:
Installation of sewer connections (taps) and service connections from the main to the property line or point of use connection is performed only by municipal employees or a contractor approve by the City. The following charges are made for sewer connections:

     SEWER TAPPING              WITH NO      WITH
     FEES:                      ROAD CUT     ROAD CUT

     4" connection              $500.00      $700.00 
     6" connection               Actual Cost to City
     8" connection and larger    Actual Cost to City 
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