Can I take Defensive Driving to dismiss this citation?
If you have not had Defensive Driving in the preceding 12 months and you have a valid Texas Drivers License and proof of financial responsibility, you may qualify to have one charge dismissed by taking a course. However, you cannot take Defensive Driving for the following violations:

- Any Offense in a Construction Zone With Workers Present
- Any Traffic Offense With a CDL
- Fleeing a Police Officer
- Leaving the Scene of an Accident
- Passing a School Bus
- Reckless Driving
- Speeding 25 Mph Over the Posted Limit

If you meet the qualifications, you must request in writing, permission to take Defensive Driving, pay the court costs and state tax and enter a written plea of Guilty or No Contest. You will have ninety (90) days to complete the course and file the completion certificate with the Court.

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